Explore Buenos Aires guided by a local journalist and writer

María Casiraghi – Tourguide
Journalist and writer. Specialized in travel books and antropological investigations

Buenos Aires grows on the riverbanks of the River Plate and it’s the gateway of Argentina. As the river it drags old deposits of tradition, adding new trends, forever expanding and in constant transformation. Hedonistic but intellectual, sophisticated yet plebeian, nostalgically forward- looking, it draws a puzzling magnetism to whomever explores it.

“Hard to believe Buenos Aires had any beginning
I feel it to be as eternal as air and water”

Jorge Luis Borges, The Mythical Founding of Buenos Aires

I invite you to venture deep into this luring labyrinth of paradoxes, by visiting the most popular places and the least known corners.
Together we will make your stay in Buenos Aires unforgettable.

Photos by Frank Hopfe