About me

I am María Casiraghi; journalist and writer. Maybe it was my passion for traveling what made me so enthusiastic about showing my city to travelers of all latitudes in the way I would have liked to know the world; guided by “locals” who could offer me the clues to understand the indepth of their countries, far from a purely touristic view.

I was born in Buenos Aires in April 10th, 1977. Once I finished high school I studied Journalism and ended a Bachelor of Arts specialized in Literature, combining my studies with diverse jobs and travels through different parts of the world, after which I published articles in national and international tourism magazines. In the year 2000 I made a journalistic six month work in Argentine South Patagonia, together with Photographer Marta Caorsi, in order to write two books that where published that same year; Retratos, Patagonia Sur and Patagonia Sur Santa Cruz-Argentina. I also did translations over books of European travelers in Patagonia of the end of XIX Century, being Wilds Of Patagonia by Carl Skottsberg, and Wanderings in Patagonia, by Julius Beerbohm the last titles to be translated.
In the year 2003 I started working as guide of Buenos Aires City in the agencies Lihue Expeditions and Wanderlust Expeditions and since then I have been also working as Tour Leader for the agency Latin Link of New Zealand accompanying groups of “kiwis” along Patagonia and many countries of Latin America.

At the same time, I have never stopped myself from writing, poetry, tails, novels. Thus, I am now the author of three poetry books (Escamas del Silencio, 2004; Turbanidad, 2008; Décima Luna, 2011) and one book of short tails titled Nomadía (2010).

Maybe for this reason I have received, among many travelers from Europe, Africa, Asia, United States, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America, well-known journalists and writers, or simply travelers particularly interested in the cultural aspects of Buenos Aires City, in its literarian and artistic secrets, but also its popular neighborhoods where one can feel the complex idiosincrasy of Argentine people.

I invite you then to go through my city in a different way, free from structures and labels. Together we will visit both the most popular places and the least known corners, trying to provide your days in Buenos Aires with many special moments that you will keep forever in your memory.